Eastview Landfill Gas Energy Plant

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Photo of Ecotricity Guelph Inc FacilityThe Eastview Landfill Gas Energy Plant is an alternative energy plant that converts methane gas into electricity. The gas is derived from the City of Guelph's Eastview Landfill Plant and the project is carried out in co-operation with the City.

The plant generates about 2.5 MW of electrical energy annually, which is approximately 1 per cent of the City of Guelph's requirements. The plant has an operating life of about 20 years. When the generation plant is not operating, the methane gas is flared off to reduce waste and odour.

The Eastview plant, with construction completed in April 2005, was the first participant project under the Province of Ontario's Renewable Energy Supply (RES) contracts. Project details are outlined on the Ontario Power Authority site.

The plant's first day of production was June 14, 2005.